All right, superhero fans, we're getting a fresh look at Ryan Reynolds as he tries to save the universe in The Green Lantern.

Check out the new trailer and see just how difficult it is to transform yourself from an everyday guy to guy who has to save civilization as we know it. No pressure, but:

As a seemingly impossible-to-defeat threat makes its way through the universe, aliens everywhere are dumbstruck that the ring has chosen to bestow its powers to a human, Hal Jordan (Reynolds). But hey, what the ring wants, the ring gets.

After stumbling through his own interpretation of the Green Lantern oath, a mix of the pledge of allegiance and a dedication to the purple alien who gave him the ring, things start to click, and before he knows it, Hal is training with the Green Lantern Corps. Actually, it's more like he's getting schooled over and over in fight simulations with other corps members. Gotta start somewhere.

Fortunately, he has a mentor in Tomar-Re (voiced by Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush), who tells him, "The ring turns thoughts into reality. Its limits are only what you can imagine."

With that info, Hal hits his stride and turns into the badass who makes everyone think, Hey, we might just have a shot at winning. And we have to say, when he finally gets the oath right...well, don't be surprised if it gives you chills.

The Green Lantern hits theaters June 17. What do you think?

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