Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Osama Bin Laden

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Are there "eerie links" between the Osama bin Laden saga and the Harry Potter franchise?

And between Transformers movies, Corey Feldman movies, and whatever else you got, too?

Sure, why not?

Now that bin Laden's gone, it's tempting to see him everywhere.

A day or so ago, he was imitating art, or something like that, in the new Feldman flick you'd previously never heard of, Operation Belvis Bash.

Then he was Megatron at the end of the first live-action Transformers flick. (The Twitterverse only hoped he wasn't Megatron at the beginning of the second live-action Transformers flick…)

Now he's Voldemort, per the Hollywood Reporter, quoting an old message-board post, "shaped by his personal struggle between Western pleasures and Islamic discipline" just as the Potter nemesis "was shaped by his mother's death and his father's abandonment."

In the Reporter's scenario, President Barack Obama is no less than the boy wizard himself, or "the anointed one," as "critics like Rush Limbaugh have frequently dismissed" the commander in chief.

Too much, you ask?

"The real substance of the two stories will not align so easily," Dustin Kidd, a sociologist at Temple University, who's authored pieces on Potter, told us. "Harry and Voldemort shared powerful bonds that connected their minds. There's no parallel for any of this in the story of Osama bin Laden and President Obama."

But does that mean it's wrong for Molly Ringwald's 7-year-old daughter to process this week's big news from a Potter point of view? Does that mean Feldman's wrong to see connections in his film? Does that mean it's wrong to hear about a sea burial and think about a robot movie?

It means it's understandable.

Said Kidd: "Fiction is a useful way to process reality when reality is terrifying."

Whatever gets you through the nightmare.

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