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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

It isn't just Kate Middleton's impending nuptials that have everyone talking. It's her smokin' hot bod! We've all seen the white-hot bikini photos of Kate lounging on a yacht with her future king.

Never before has a future "first lady" of England looked so good in a swimsuit, and thanks to some very well-placed royal sources, we can tell you exactly how Kate is getting into the shape of her life for the wedding of the century!

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And no, she's not on the LeAnn Rimes diet!

"Prince William instructed household staff at Clarence House, a royal residence formerly occupied by the late Queen Mother, to build a gym there for Kate to workout in," the source reveals to us.

Making special requests already, are we, Ms. Middleton? But Kate has also enlisted that not-quite as fit fiancé of hers to join in breaking a sweat. Get your mind out of the gutter, kids!

"Kate and William enjoy healthy bike rides together when they have a rare free weekend," says our source. "They will go to Windsor Great Park, which is next to Windsor Castle and is regularly used by the Queen and her family."

And remember when Wills had that quarter-life crisis and broke up with Kate and she then joined an all-girls rowing team? Turns out that even though she got back with her man, Kate didn't let go of the rowing workout regimen.

"She exercises daily on a rowing machine and loves rowing for real," reveals the source. "She will often take part in charity rowing events and boat races around London and Gloucestershire."

And although Kate was slightly heavier just after graduating from the University of St. Andrews in 2005, she has very obviously been working on her shape just as any bride-to-be would.

In fact, "Kate is mindful that she must look as well as act the part of being a member of the royal family in waiting. Future princesses are expected to have a certain ‘cover girl' look," says the British source.

"She hasn't become some sort of Hollywood starlet with an army of trainers and stylists in tow," our source assures us. "She's an outdoorsy kind of girl, so she prefers keeping in shape by playing sports outside."

Lookin' good, Kate, just don't get all LeAnn Rimes on us!

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