We'll always have Paris. The City of Light has transfixed people the world over for centuries. Its culture, its people...Even the accordion music somehow loses its cheesiness when it's the soundtrack to an afternoon walk. And what better director to really give us a peek into the French capital's transcendent nature than Woody Allen?

In his new movie, Midnight in Paris, he's teamed up with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams for a love letter to a city that leaves its mark on all who visit it.

Check it out.

Wilson is the embodiment of Allen's neurotic self, even making us uncomfortable as we watch his antisocial behavior. He's jittery, awkward and manages to say things that bring conversation to a halt. And please, dinner and dancing? No thank you!

Instead, he opts for a midnight stroll through the city, hoping the fresh Parisian air will clear his head. But as we see, those late-night hours are when French seductresses like Marion Cotillard come out of the shadows and pull you into the seedy, awesome world of divey jazz bars and merry-go-rounds! Forget the Louvre.

The real scene-stealer though is Michael Sheen (Tron: Legacy) as the snobbiest pseudo-intellectual you'll ever meet. Even his beard is arrogant!

Excited for this latest effort from the genius mind of Woody Allen? Midnight in Paris hits theaters May 11.

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