Scream 4, Emma Roberts

Dimension Films

Watching people get killed could be kind of fun.

Just ask Emma Roberts...

In Scream 4, the young starlet plays a popular high school girl who has just broken up with her Big Man on Campus boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon (Nico Tortorella). And you better believe she witnessed a lot of bloody murders while making the movie, out April 15.

"It's funny but then kind of scary," Roberts told me for today's installment of Scream 4: New Generation Week, E! Online's exclusive daily chats with the horror franchise's fresh-faced stars. "When you're in it, it gets kind of freaky.

"But then you can't help but laugh when people have cuts all over them and they're covered in blood, or have just had a death scene but they're eating lunch with you," she said. "It's just so weird."

Roberts was told she had the role a couple of hours after auditioning for director Wes Craven via Skype. But what about her character's name, Jill Roberts? Kinda creepy, no?

"I said, 'What's the deal with that?'" she said. "Jill Roberts? It also sort of sounds like Julia Roberts! But Wes said that was going to be the name always from years and years ago."

Sounds like she and the Ghost Face killer were destined to be together.

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