Angelina Jolie, David Fincher

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If Angelina Jolie isn't fit to play an overly possessive, feisty Egyptian queen, then we don't know who is (other than Snooki, perhaps?). She's the modern day version in spades. 'Cause lets face it, Angie is the only actress who could come close to following in Elizabeth Taylors iconic shoes, may she rest in peace.

As we've mentioned before, the award-winning actress has been cast as the anciently enthralling Cleopatra. But the real juice is who will be putting this boss of a babe in line on set.

Deadline reports that Oscar-nominated director David Fincher (The Social Network), who's currently working with Scott Rudin on a movie adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is in talks with Sony Pictures to direct the Cleo film starring guess who:

If it pans out, Fincher could have a real-life woman—with a whole lot more than one dragon tattoo—on his hands.

This potential directing call could change the slutress Cleo myth, and Ang, for the better.

After a tough year, evidence of her shrinking frame, and rumors of a stressful set alongside Johnny Depp, we fully agree that Ang needs someone to eternally lift her spirits—and beef up those bones.

As talented as she is, something about her screams troublesome and trapped, and Fincher could totally burst that depressing look of hers—if he agreed to take on Cleopatra.

The historic, yet sexy, flick will be based off Stacy Schiff's mega-bestseller Cleopatra: A Life, and takes a more girl power approach to Cleo than the stereotypical "whore of a queen" some have depicted.

The exotic Ang will be perfect, no doubt. Well, as long as she puts on a few prettifying pounds. While she did look stunning in The Tourist and at the Globes, her figure was strategically hidden. Cleopatra calls for some barely-there attire, so get to eating, Ang.

Jolie's already looking healthier, at least from the recent pics of her grocery shopping with her happy fam in New Orleans. Keep it up, doll!

Anyways, a perfect coincidence we hope will really get Fincher on board for this flick is his previous projects with none other than Angie's big time baby daddy, Brad Pitt. Finch is widely known for directing Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Let's hope some pulling-of-strings will get Ang back on the beauty track, for good. After all, Finch has to take extra care to make his buddy's honey look good!

Whether the brilliant filmmaker, who usually opts for the dude dramas, takes up Sony's offer will evidently come down to timing. While the studio wants to get the picture underway stat, Fincher is tied to The Millennium Trilogy, as the scribe is already scripting the second book installment.

Plus, the idea of someone other than James Cameron—who turned down the Cleo gig due to Avatar sequels—making the film in 3-D has been thrown around as well.

Angelia in 3-D? Not unless there's some real flesh to look at, please.

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