Don't believe anyone who says you're too old to start over.

And who better to show us that anything is possible at any age than Academy Award-winning actors Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Answer: no one. The two stars are joining forces for the upcoming film Larry Crowne, a flick filled with the inspirational message that even an awkward, middle-aged man who loses his job can reinvent himself and get the girl.

Let's be honest, that's kind of the message we all need to hear right now. Check it out...

After being fired from his humdrum job, Larry Crowne (Hanks, seriously laying on the affable charm that endears him to millions) goes back to his local college to get his life back on track. It doesn't take long for him to fall for his public-speaking teacher, Mercedes Tainot (Roberts), who's lost her passion for teaching and is mixing drinks in the break room. It's tough being a grown-up.

But even when Crowne is caught in his tighty-whities, falling off scooters and right smack in the middle of a victory dance after landing a kiss from his ladylove, he has us rooting for the little guy and embracing the spirit of getting right back up when life knocks you down.

He is proof that even when you think everything's passed you by, there might just be something left to live Julia Roberts

Watch the trailer to see the light-hearted, comedic side of Hanks we've been missing, plus that famous Roberts smile.

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