Cameron Diaz, known for her bubbly persona, is going to the rated-R side with her role as a foul-mouthed middle-school instructor who lusts for a sexy substitute with serious cash in Bad Teacher.

She's just burned out and has no time for school or her students—not when she's set on searching for a man who can switch out her dingy classroom for a summer home in the Hamptons. The latest trailer shows how that's going for her...

Needless to say, goofy gym teacher Russell (Jason Segel) isn't exactly what she's looking for. But he definitely handles the rejection well. (Brush it off, buddy!)

New sub Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), who has some major bling, is definitely the guy she sets her shallow sights on. Thus, the manipulations to win him over begin.

There are just, um, two things she's got to take care of: Her love interest's ex had a major rack. Solution? Get a boob job. And what's the quickest way to get one (her "New Boobs" donation jar might help, but it'll take a while)? Win the bonus for being the teacher whose class has the state's highest test scores! It doesn't matter that she has zero teaching skills; the threat of a dodgeball to the face for a wrong answer will motivate even the laziest student.

Seems like an easy plan. However, for a teacher who never gave an F about her students or their education, this could get interesting.

Bad Teacher hits theaters June 24. Check out the latest trailer to see how far a teacher will go to get out of school.

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