Sandra Bullock

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Sandra Bullock is single and ready to mingle.

OK, maybe not. But she is trying to make the most of her night at the Academy Awards, one year after her Best Actress win had been swiftly overshadowed by scandal...

"I want to have fun tonight," last year's Academy Award winner for Best Actress told me as she made her way down the Oscars red carpet. "I'm saying that I want to have fun, but I don't know if I will."

It's not like Bullock doesn't like being at the Oscars, but she's got baby Louis at home.

"It's hard," she said about going out now that's she's a mom. "You just have to make a point of coming here and having a good time but all I want to do is go home."

She added with a laugh, "But I'll make the best out of it and stick around."

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