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For Matt Damon, sometimes it's all about those unanswered prayers.

The actor is currently starring with Emily Blunt in The Adjustment Bureau, a film that wonders how our lives would be different if John Slattery and his mysterious group of fedora-wearing Madison Avenue advertising executives "adjusters" were in charge of our destinies. And as it turns out, based on all the roles he's missed out on, Damon doesn't believe he has much control over his destiny.

But that isn't necessarily a bad thing...

"Actors don't really control their own destiny a lot of the time in this business," the Oscar winner told E!'s Ben Lyons. "You're basically signing up for a life of instability.

"There are all those jobs that I didn't get that I really wanted, [but] had I been controlling everything, [it] really would have sent my life in another direction."

So what were some of the parts Matt didn't get? Oh, just a few award winners and blockbusters like Primal Fear, Milk, Star Trek and...Avatar?

"I had to pass on Avatar," Damon somberly revealed. "I was deperate to work with [James] Cameron. It didn't work out because of scheduling. [Laughs.] But it didn't work out too badly for Avatar."

But one franchise that might not work that well without Damon is the Bourne series. It was revealed last October that a new Bourne flick was in the works...only without Jason Bourne. "They're doing one, but I'm not in it," Matt said. "I'm sure it's gonna be really good."

Damon has been upfront about the fact that if he does another Bourne installment, it would have to be with director Paul Greengrass behind the camera. "They'll kind of expand the Bourne universe" he said. "I won't be in it, but it won't preclude me from doing another one with Paul."

Sounds like Matt's up for it. We definitely are!

What do you think? Sounds off on whether Matt have been a good addition to Avatar and if you're hoping he reprises his role as Jason Bourne.

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