Dianna Agron, Alex Pettyfer, Callan McAuliffe

nationalphotogroup.com; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Did the cast and crew of I Am Number Four have any idea that a true-life romance was blossoming between Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer while they were making the film?

They sure did.

"They seemed to hang around each other a lot more and it went from there," fellow Number Four star Callen McAuliffe tells me. "I'm happy for them."

Does he think they're going to last? "For sure!" McAuliffe says. "They're both lovely people."

How so?

"Dianna is one of the most gorgeous people I've ever met in my life," McAuliffe says. "She has such a warm aura. She's such a beautiful person to be around. Alex, as well, is amazing. He's such a great person to be around, too."

No word yet if Agron and Pettyfer will walk the red carpet together at tonight's I Am Number Four premiere in L.A.

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