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Tuukka Jantti, PacificCoastNews.com

Update: Willow Smith is set to whip her hair right into "Tomorrow." It's been confirmed that the Annie remake is being developed by daddy Wil's Overbrook Entertainment, along with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and Sony Pictures.

Considering big brother Jaden's Karate Kid remake dominated at the box office, we should all probably prepare ourselves for this new take of the lovable orphan story to establish Willow as a legit superstar. But wait, she has a hit record and has done concert appearances with Justin Bieber...Think that already makes her a superstar. Unfortunately, there's no release date yet to report, but we'll be sure to let you know.

It's been anything but a hard-knock life for Willow Smith, but that doesn't mean she can't sing about one.

It seems Daddy (not Warbucks) is looking into the possibility of remaking the musical Annie as a starring vehicle for his daughter.

Variety reports that Will Smith is in talks with Sony to bring the tale of the little orphan back to the big screen.

While details on the potential project are limited at the moment, Jay-Z, who helped lodge Willow's hit "Whip My Hair" firmly into our collective brain, may collaborate on the music.

No word, though, on whether the story would be updated from its original 1930s setting or if it would feature any new tunes if Sony does decide to greenlight it.

Although, seeing how Willow's brother Jaden had a hit with the Will-produced remake of The Karate Kid, it's probably safe to say that the sun'll come out, if not tomorrow, then in the near future for this flick, as well.

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