Sundance Films


Grab your parka 'cause it's time again for the Sundance Film Festival! The annual indie-flavored fest begins today, and the film world is descending upon the cozy town of Park City, Utah. So what's in store for all of us this year?

Al Pacino and Channing Tatum are going head-to-head in a gritty New York drama, Tobey Maguire's fending off hungry raccoons and Paul Rudd's crashing with his three sisters as he gets his life back on track. And that's not all!

What are sure to be some of the year's breakout films are also making their big-screen debuts over the next week. Lucky for you, we've compiled the 15 buzziest films hitting the festival this year, so check 'em out and impress your friends with your Sundance knowledge

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