Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner 

Rumor has it Jeremy Renner is being groomed to take over the Mission: Impossible franchise should Tom Cruise decide to bow out.

Renner plays Ethan Hunt's protege in the next MI flick, but does he have what it takes to fill Cruise's action-packed shoes?

"That guy has a lot of energy," Renner told me at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. "He makes me work pretty hard. To try to even keep up!"

Cruise also usually does most of his stunt work. "He has no fear," Renner said. "Well, I'm sure he has fears but he's pretty fearless, I'll tell you that."

And speaking of two hot men, are Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer still set to lock lips in J. Edgar? In the Clint Eastwood-directed bio pic, DiCaprio stars as late FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover with Hammer costarring as maybe-lover Clyde Tolson.

"I don't know," Hammer insisted when I asked if he thought the two men were more than just really close friends. "There's speculation that goes both ways. If you ask an FBI agent they would definitely say, 'No, definitely not. They were brothers at arms. They were compadres.'"

Kissing compadres, we hope.

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