Observe and Report, Seth Rogen

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Seth Rogen won't spill the date on when he's set to wed longtime love Lauren Miller. But he did admit that he won't be signing a prenup with the actress, and twice-married Howard Stern is begging him to change his mind.

Rogen visited Stern's Sirius satellite radio show this morning, where he got an earful from the shock jock—who learned the lesson firsthand when he turned over half his fortune to ex-wife wife Alison after their 1999 split.

So what was the Stern warning?

Rogen stopped by the studio on his Green Hornet press tour, and dished in a wide-ranging interview on everything from his two years of writing the movie to finally slimming down and filming it to how much he makes (he could retire now, but doesn't want to, he says.)

Then it was on to the women. Stern asked if, despite his schlubby appearance, Rogen has chicks hitting on him constantly. "I'm shocked by your maturity," Stern told him. "You're marrying this girl I thought you'd be breaking up with. Have you ever considered cheating?"

"Uh, no way, especially after Tiger Woods," laughed Rogen.

Stern followed up by asking whether Rogen is getting a prenup with Miller, who the actor's been dating since 2004.

"I'm not," said Rogen. "My business manager told me to get one too."

Stern then ripped into him about Kelsey Grammer and how he just had to fork over $50 million to ex-wife Camille in their divorce.

"Marriage can be expensive and if I lose millions then it'll be the best millions I've spent," Rogen sweetly cracked, admitting that the engagament ring he gave Miller was the most expensive thing he'd ever held before, but still less than $50,000.

Rogen did spill some A-List names on the guest list though, revealing that Jonah Hill and his Pineapple Express co-star James Franco would both be there to witness him wed the writer-actress.

"But I don't want to say the date because of the paparazzi," Rogen said, even though Stern mentioned that he's pretty sure Rogen's not the kind of star who has to worry about swarms of photogs ruining his big day.

Prenup or not, Stern told Rogen he's a humble guy and not your typical star and that's why he's rooting for him.

Let's hope he doesn't have a typical Hollywood marriage, and that these two kids actually stay together.

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