Ronni Chasen

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Friends and colleagues agree that Ronni Chasen was one of the nicest and hardest-working people in Hollywood. No one seems to know of any enemies she may have had.

But as soon as the news broke that the beloved 64-year-old publicist was gunned down in Beverly Hills...

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Industry gossip and chatter kicked into high gear. Even as cops appear to be close to solving the murder, the guessing game of who do it and why continues.

Here are some of the scenarios being repeated among colleagues, and yes, friends:

1. The gambling debt. Some think Chasen may have been paying off a gambling debt racked up by someone very close to her. "Maybe she stopped paying and they killed her," one pal says.

Or they found out she had plans to leave town. Numerous sources confirm that Chasen had been talking about living in Paris for a spell after awards season wrapped up . "She said she wanted to rent an apartment and even work from there for a little bit," says another pal

This being Hollywood and Chasen being who she was, no one seems to think she would have been involved in some sort of petty crime.

2. The bad deal. Another friend who once worked with Chasen says if it was business-related, she's heard it was a movie or some sort of art deal gone awry. One of the pals wondered, "What if it's someone in the industry who did it? Someone we know!"

3. The secret lover. Then there's the mystery maybe-boyfriend. Some very close to Chasen say she had told them about a man she had been seeing on and off for years. But others just as close to her insist they didn't know anything about him.

Solved or not solved, it's probably safe to assume we will see a Chasen-inspired ripped-from-the-headline episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles.

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