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Sure, we love horcruxes and potions as much as the next wannabe wizard, but want to get in on Team Awful's spellbinding secret? We totally prefer the newer Harry Potter flicks 'cause the cast is all grown up.

And we must say, damn, the Hogwarts graduating class has some serious hotties:

While we think Hagrid is drop-dead gorge, we're focusing on the pint-size cuties who turned into cover girl (and guy) material throughout their years dueling with Death Eaters.

So we present the top five Harry Potter hotties who are too good-looking for Voldemort to kill. Well, all except for one, that is:

1. Daniel RadcliffeDan has proved himself to be not just a leading man, but also a major Hollywood hunk. Mostly 'cause there's nothing sexier than a dude who's confident with his sexuality, which D.R. so totally is. Not only is he a huge advocate for LGBT rights—how many other straight stars have you seen posing with drag queens lately?—but he's also willing to get totally naked onstage. And fans were not disappointed when they saw his wizarding wand, trust.

2. Emma Watson: Fake topless photos be damned. Hogwart's resident nerd is also one of T-town's classiest and chicest stars—probably because she's so not into the Hollywood scene. Instead, Em spends her time on the campus of Brown University doing the normal gal thing. How friggin' cool is that? Plus, it means she's got some brains to back up her beauty, and that gets top marks in our book.

3. Tom Felton: We'll fess, we didn't know Draco Malfoy had an enormous fan following of his own, but boy were we surprised to see how cuckoo crazy this fellow could make his loyal Twitter followers get. Must be that totally adorable blond mop of his. Or that bad-boy charm he shows off in the flicks. Or maybe his sense of humor (didn't catch his cameo in Get Him to the Greek? Watch it again!).

4. Katie Leung: No wonder everyone with a wand and half a brain wanted to date (or at least split a butterbeer with) this babe—she's freaking gorgeous! And she's got fab taste in wizards too: First she lands future Twilight hottie R.Pattz, and after he kicks the bucket she moves on to swapping spit with Harry himself. We hate the gal for how friggin' lucky she is, but we'll admit she's got the looks to back it up.

5. Robert Pattinson: Did you really think we'd leave our fave wizard turned vamp off this list? If only for the fact that he turned a small (albeit très sad, RIP Cedric!) stint in the franchise into one of Hollywood's hottest careers. So thank you, Harry Potter people, for introducing us all to R.Pattz's charming smile and amazing head of hair. They must have been looking into their crystal balls when they cast him.

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