Mel Gibson

Gamma/Eyedea/ZUMA Press

Mel Gibson will be making a cameo in the Hangover sequel.

Sources close to the movie confirm that the embattled Oscar winner will play a Bangkok tattoo artist in the much-anticipated followup to director Todd Phillips' blockbuster comedy.

Reps for Gibson and the studio aren't talking, but guess who else we hear is going to be in the movie...

A source says Mike Tyson may be back for the sequel. The controversial heavyweight's appearance in the first Hangover has been credited as improving his public image.

Tyson showed off his comedic chops in two scenes after Bradley Cooper and his gang of funnyguys wake up in the morning to find they have stolen the prizefighter's pet tiger.

At one point, Tyson clocks Zach Galifianakis in the face.

Hangover 2 is currently shooting in Los Angeles before heading to Bangkok.

Sasha Barrese, who plays Justin Bartha's wife, told us last week that someone "unbelievable" is making a cameo in the movie. She refused to say who, but said it was guy.

Gibson or not, we have a feeling Phillips has another hit on his hands.

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