Bella Swan, she is not.

But we already knew Kristen Stewart's character in Welcome to the Riley's—or as the tabloids like to call it, the "K.Stew Stripper Flick"—wouldn't be pining over dreamy vamps or hanging with ab-tastic wolf packs.

Thing is, there's so much more to this little indie film than just Kristen getting dollar bills slipped into her skimpy outfits. Just watch this newly released clip and you'll see that Welcome to the Rileys packs an emotional punch—it's more than just lap dances:

Must say, it's refreshing to see a young H'wood starlet who's totally willing to ditch vanity to get into a role. We can't think of too many T-town hotties who'd be down to look as unattractive as K.Stew does in this clip.

And we mean that in the most fab way, of course, 'cause it's her acting chops that are on display here. And she's damn proud of it.

If you can't remember the hot buzz that came out of cold Park City, Utah, back in February at Sundance, K got rave reviews for her work. Makes sense, since we've been telling you all along she's biz first, Hollywood glam later.

And who knows? Maybe some of Melissa Leo's Academy Award luck (she was nominated for an Oscar last year for Frozen River) will rub off on K.Stew and she'll get a shot at a little gold man of her own.

Might be time to kick-start that Twilight race to the Oscars again!

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