Betty White

Barry King/ Getty Images

Is there anything bad to say about Betty White?

Not really, but it sure is fun to try…

White's You Again director Andy Fickman says that Hollywood's most wanted 88-year-old is a horror to work with.

"She drinks a lot and will hit you," Fickman laughs. "She's naughty. She's four hours late, rolls in with the sunglasses on and she's got a big entourage."

And then there's the body art. "She has a lot of tattoos," he said. "I didn't realize she was so heavily tattooed."

On a more serious note, Fickman says there's no truth to recent reports that he is directing and/or producing a Broadway musical about Cher's life: "Honestly, that's all over the Internet but there's no story there."


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