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Dear Ted:
Several of us regular posters have decided to leave your board and not give you any hits anymore. Why? Because you have allowed the filth spewed on the Robsten boards to run rampant. You can block those posters but you refuse. Well, you have now lost several good posters and we are going to try to take as many more with us as we can. Your boards have become a vat of filthy talk, lies, slander and threats of violence. By allowing this to continue, you show that you are no better than they are. We reported posts over and over today, but they were not removed. This is beyond disgusting and, now, sadly so are you.

Dear Good Point:
Whenever a star's life has been in jeopardy, and we're aware of it on the comment boards, we report it to our boards techs, and the comments are removed. This is not a debate. What is up for discussion is what, exactly, is defined as a threat? To speak crap about a public figure is a First Amendment right. It's something you risk when you become a celeb. And, let's remember: If you agree with the commenter, it's not usually considered crap, but, if you don't, it always is!  The point is, we police for safety here at the A.T., not public opinion. That is your domain, not ours. But to be clear: We are not always aware of every comment made on the boards: If you see something truly life-threatening, please help alert us, we have zero tolerance for that. Zero.

Dear Ted:
If Blake Lively and Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl had a reality show, would we see a couple that has its ups and downs just like every other couple? They seem to have this unrealistically "perfect" fairy-tale romance. Don't tell me a young attractive guy like him is ready to settle down and never gets tempted by his pretty costars (in his non-G.G. film projects) like Emma Stone or Amber Heard.

Dear Penn of Love:
Why would any guy be tempted when he's got the ultimate It girl by his side—not to say Emma, whom we love, or that sometimes-diva Amber aren't tempting. Let's just say this: That'd be one hell of a snoozefest reality show.

Dear Ted:
I've been reading your column for years, but this is my first time writing in (which I'm hoping will bring me luck!). I had a question about Nicole Kidman. You don't seem to be a fan...and frankly her kids don't seem to be fans either. So my question is, was she always like this? Or did her divorce from Tom Cruise lead to her turning in to an ice queen. I remember during their divorce Tom said that "Nic knows what she did," so that leads me to believe the former. Hugs and kisses from me and rescue puppy Bridgit!

Dear Bridgit's Mom:
Always. Unless you're a member of the press.

Dear Ted:
Why is Leonardo DiCaprio such a "modelizer"? I have two theories. The first is that he is shallow and superficial, more interested in having a good time than having a meaningful connection. The second is that he likes models because they are financially independent and have a similar lifestyle (they're used to traveling, working strange hours, being in the public eye, etc.) without being an actress (I think I read an interview where he said that he would never date an actress)? What's do you think?

Dear Model Behavior:
The latter, babe. Models have a different dynamic than actresses but get the whole Hollywood scene, which is important to making a relaysh work when you're dating an A-lister. Plus, their being friggin' gorgeous doesn't hurt.

Dear Ted:
I'm starting a campaign to have a Dirty Dancing themed episode of Glee. I see Kurt singing "Time of My Life." Yay or Nay?

Dear Nobody Puts Glee in the Corner:
The show loves a good tribute episode, so why the hell not. Wouldn't you rather them work on improving the writing though than awkwardly cramming more themed episodes into a season?

Dear Ted:
When Kristen Stewart and other celebs (I'm not picking on her specifically here!) moan and bitch about being forced into the limelight and feeling like they "don't have a choice" because they just want to be actors, I call BS. If you really want just to be an actor, go do dinner theater in Indiana. Or teach a drama class in Kansas. You get my point. You can, in fact, make a living from the arts and still remain anonymous. I think that these celebs need to be honest that the fame and the outrageous amount of money they earn is why exactly they live and work in the Hollywood system. When you make that choice, you get what you get. I for one am sick to death of all the complaining.

Dear Sm-Art Ass:
Yeah, but who's gonna see you performing out in Indiana? Think of it this way: Police officers want to protect people but know that getting themselves into dangerous situations is part of the job. Doesn't mean they won't occasionally bitch about being shot at.

Dear Ted:
After hearing over and over again that Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV that no one is watching, I finally broke down and watched the entire series (to date). And let me just say, ya'll are right! Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) is drop-dead gorgeous and an amazing actor. I think all the other Taylor's out there in Hollywood should relinquish their rights to the name, because Kitsch should be the only celebrity anyone thinks of when they hear the name "Taylor" (looking at you, Lautner). Now that we have established Kitsch's godliness, please provide scoop on this manly man. How is he getting along with his Battleship movie costar Alexander Skarsgård? Those two make for a swoon-worthy cast, and a movie I definitely plan on seeing.

Dear You Sunk My Battleship:
Tay definitely is deliciously hunky—kind of surprised he isn't a bigger star by now, but that could all change soon, of course. As for the Battleship set, everyone gets along fine. A.Skars is a superchill dude to work with. No fuss and what not.

Dear Ted:
Is Moisty Mohr Dr. Phil? And what is the deal with People magazine and Kate Gosselin? It seems to me that most people can't stand her, but the magazine insists on shoving her down our throats. What gives?
—PR Funny Girl

Dear Get a Clue:
Why the heck are people still guessing the identity of Moisty Mohr? I practically served it up to you on a silver platter! As for K.G., she's the "love her or hate her" type, so either way she gets a reaction. And that's what this whole Biz is about.

Dear Ted:
Just because Courteney Cox is my favorite actress, I have to ask one question. Is she really as nice as she seems?

Dear Cougar Claws:
A bit more high-strung than Jennifer Aniston, but overall a sweet babe and a good friend. You've got to be to hang in that tight-knit group of gals.

Dear Ted:
I have no idea who Nevis Divine is, but I have a guess at his BF. Is Barrington Bang-Me musician William Beckett from The Academy Is...? He seems to have a bisexual past of his own that slips under the radar of his fangirls.

Dear Banged Out:
Nope, while Barrington isn't as well known as Nev—by a long shot—he's definitely more well-known than William Beckett, who honestly I've never even heard of. Sorry, doll.

Dear Ted:
I remember reading a blurb about Angelina Jolie not being happy about Johnny Depp's looks while they were filming The Tourist. Something about how he looked "puffy." Well I watched the trailer yesterday and I have to say, yes, he looked a bit puffy. But she looked absolutely terrible! She actually looks as if she has an illness. She looks like death warmed over! She is gaunt and pale. I couldn't focus on anything else. It was very sad.

Dear Vacay Over:
While surely neither of them are in the prime of their hotness in this flick, I'd say they actually both look pretty damn good. Think that if Ange put on a pound or two she'd be back to her buxom badass form, and Johnny always works that grungy, greasy but sexy look. Hell, I'm sure this movie will do just fine.

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