Sean Penn

No babes, that's not the love child of Russell Brand and Susan Boyle—much to the relief of Katy Perry, no doubt. It's someone far more worthy of a double-take: Sean Freakin' Penn!

Sporting bride-red lipstick, guy-liner, and a blowout from hell, Sean is looking, well, not great on the Dublin set of his next flick This Must Be The Place. (He plays a rock star looking for revenge, in case you were still confused about this WTF-worthy makeover).

So what the ef would you do with him?

Give him an Oscar.

We've seen usually do-able dudes looking far from GQ-ready lately, but if history repeats itself (which, it does, don't be fooled) then uglying up for a role is a shoe in for generating Academy Award buzz.

It's a tried and true method that we've suggested before to wannabe-serious actors and actresses (hear that, Megan Fox?). Hell, we hardly know anything about this movie but, from what we were able to dig up, we're pretty sure it's guaranteed to get the critics all hot and bothered.

Here are the facts: (1) It stars Sean Penn, who's already nabbed Oscars for Milk and Mystic River (and the Academy loves to keep honoring its faves). (2) He's all fugged up (a la Charlize Theron in Monster, Nicole Kidman in The Hours, or Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote). (3) He's on a quest to find the Nazi office who persecuted his father during the Holocaust (a favorite theme of the Oscars—just ask Schindler's List or The Reader—mixed with daddy issues and self discovery for guaranteed drama).

And here we thought we were way early chatting about Academy Award hopefuls for next year. Guess we'll start Oscar Watch 2012 now, huh?

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