Piranha, Jerry O’Connell

The Weinstein Company

Jerry O'Connell isn't too happy with the size of his manhood.

At least not how it comes off in his new movie, Piranha 3D...

In one of the film's most jaw-dropping scenes, the man-eating piranha make fish food out of O'Connell's—gulp!—you-know-what.

"I do want to apologize," O'Connell cracked last night at Piranha's Hollywood premiere. "The water we shot in is Lake Havasu, which is very cold water. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Truth be told, O'Connell didn't really go full frontal. Director Alexandre Aja used some CGI wizardry for the actor's naughty bits. "I think it was pretty close to what it should be," Aja laughed.

O'Connell's costar, Playboy covergirl Kelly Brook, also joked with us, "I asked him if I could see it before he lost it!"

After last night's screening, O'Connell hit the afterparty at Bardot nightclub with wifey Rebecca Romijn. Also there were costars Elisabeth Shue and Jessica Szohr and studio honcho Harvey Weinstein.

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