Christina Aguilera, Burlesque


What do you get when you mix two of the hottest divas of all time, sexy dancing and some sizzling costars? The trailer for Burlesque!

Christina Aguilera plays your typical small-town girl with dreams of making her way into showbiz. So, of course, she gets a waitressing job at an L.A. burlesque club run by Cher, which allows Xtina to display her Grammy-winning pipes. And voilà, stardom!

Check out the new trailer:

With an all-star cast including Twilight's evil vamp Cam Gigandet, Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci, plenty of corsets and risqué choreography, this kinda looks like the Lady Marmalade video, except two hours long.

What do you think? Can't wait for Aguilera's acting debut? Or should she stick to singing?

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