What happens in The Happening? M. Night Shyamalan might blackball me from the business if I tell you, but I know one thing: The guy's movies make money. So do scary movies, and let's not forget that Mark Wahlberg is a huge star. (Check out some of our interview in the above clip.)

The film, Shyamalan's first to be rated R, is unique and terrifying. But I don't think it'll open the way Signs did ($60 million), or even The Village ($50 million). The brand-name director's coming off the dud Lady in the Water and may need to prove himself to audiences again.

So look for his latest effort to open the way The Sixth Sense did, around $25.5 million.

Do you think I'm nuts? Can Wahlberg & Co. crush the Hulk? Put up your numbers in the comments and we'll see what happens.

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