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Dear Ted:
Did you get to see Eclipse at the premiere? I trust you dearly, so tell me: Is Eclipse worse than Twilight and New Moon? Don't worry about disappointing me, I can handle the truth.

Dear Movie Critic:
It's the best of the three, by far.

Dear Ted:
Who was your favorite person to talk to on the red carpet last night? I'm dying to know, and oh so envious! Was it Rob, Kristen or Taylor? Or someone else?

Dear On the Black Carpet:
As much as I have to admit I had a delightful time gabbing with the delicious Nikki Reed, still, gotta say R.Pattz. His man-scruff alone was enough to get weak in the knees over.

Dear Ted:
I wanted to say how dapper and happy you looked at the Eclipse premiere; I hope you had fun! Rob and Kristen looked pretty comfortable with each other at the afterparty, so can you give us any good information about what happened in there or in the theater with them?

Dear When the Lights Go Down:
Rob and Kristen were just being Robsten. All work at the screening (it was the first time Rob had seen the flick), but afterward, the two didn't give a crap who saw their lovefest. They were always an arms-length away, if that—R.P.'s hand was usually all over Kristen's back—from each other at afterparty No. 1 and smoochy-smoochy at afterparty No. 2. Love it or love it?

Dear Ted:
When you interviewed people at the premiere, were they aware of the blog? That is, do they know that you're the Ted Casablanca who writes about them?

Dear Not Afraid:
Plenty of them know who I am, but it's no big deal, doll. They're there to do a job, and they know I am, too. Was all very cool.

Dear Ted:
Why is everyone hating Kristen's dress? And how come she ended up on the worst-dressed list? I think she rocked it! Very girlie but amazing. Nikki looked daft in the feathery creation, but Rob's suit was lovely—the skinny cut looks great on him!

Dear Fashion Frenzy:
Kris' outfit was perfect. So was Nik's, bite me! And Rob really impressed with that 1960s Gucci throwback. But I'll leave those judgments to the Fashion Police.

Dear Ted:
I find it interesting that Kristen was not wearing her usual necklace at the premiere, but she did have it on at the afterparty. Is it because a certain someone gave it to her and she hates not wearing it? Am I possibly reading too much in to this?

Dear Possibly:
You're one of many who asked about the necklace. Let's just say that it didn't go with her one-armed dress, yeah?

Dear Ted:
You looked fabulous at the premiere of Eclipse last night. What's your secret? Also, what do you think about Taylor throughout the arrivals? Was he classy and put-together, or did he look jealous?

Dear Thanks!
Secret? Dunno, getting divorced, maybe? Doesn't marriage age you? And Taylor...well, the kid looked classier than ever, and I saw no hint of jealousy or anything of the sort. He knows how to work a premiere, I'll tell you that much! And he looked like he walked right out of a vintage issue of GQ.

Dear Ted:
Peter Facinelli
and Jennie Garth are the world's cutest couple. Agree?

Dear Darling Duo:
Pretty much. But cuter than Robsten? Don't know about that.

Dear Ted:
Does Twilight's Justin Chon happen to have a Blind Vice? Saw him last night, and I get the feeling he's a little naughty.

Dear Not Naughty Enough:
J.C. isn't on the radar. Sorry, sugarpie.

Dear Ted:
Seeing all those hot bodies at the premiere last night made me realize: There should be other hookups in the cast aside from just Rob and Kristen. What do you think? Which two hotties would you like to see in a permanent relationship?

Dear Sweet Vampire Lovin':
If Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene engaged in public intercourse, I would be the first to go watch.

Dear Ted:
What the heck was Jennifer Love Hewitt doing at the premiere? Doesn't she realize she needs to take a step back and let the real stars enjoy their own frickin' movie?!
—Hewitt Hater

Dear No Love for J.Love:
I'll let this question stand as a rhetorical.

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