Matt McDonald, Big Brother 9


We feel Julie Chen would frown on this behavior.

Six months after Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski was collared after trying to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to an undercover DEA witness, bad boy Matthew McDonald was indicted Monday for being in league with his former housemate to deal the painkiller on the street.

And that comes a week after McDonald was busted for allegedly beating up his pregnant fiancée. Unrelated to today's indictment, the 26-year-old was rearrested Tuesday for supposedly trying to talk his girlfriend out of going forward with the case. He's facing charges of assault and battery and aggravated assault and battery.

The indictment unsealed Tuesday states that McDonald and Jasinski, who were allies on Big Brother, started conspiring in April 2008 to peddle oxycodone and their collaboration lasted until Jasinski's arrest in October.

Authorities have said that Jasinski admitted to using $500,000 of his Big Brother winnings to buy oxycodone, which he intended to sell on the street.

The onetime reality-TV victor was allowed in November to enter a drug-treatment facility in order to get out of jail while he awaits trial.

McDonald is facing a possible 20-year prison sentence and a $1 million fine if convicted of felony conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, according to the Boston Globe.

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McDonald really wants into our Mug-Shot Mania gallery, doesn't he?

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