Robert Downey Jr.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If ever, oh, if ever a wiz there was, Robert Downey Jr. could be one because...

According to the Los Angeles Times, Disney is plotting a Wizard of Oz prequel about the magic man's early years and his rise to power. Better yet, Iron Man himself is said to be in line for the role.


Writer Mitchell Kapner reportedly based the script on parts of L. Frank Baum books. The character is described as more "dark and complex" than that guy Judy Garland dealt with, and he was supposedly a "charlatan in Kansas before arriving in Oz." American Beauty's Sam Mendes and Hairspray's Adam Shankman are the two disparate directors being considered for the gig.

The flick is being temporarily touted as The Great Powerful, which is also how we'd describe the Golden Globe winner's magnetism as Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, so it's kinda perfect.

Why, you ask? Because, because, because, because…Because of the wonderful things he does!


Maybe RDJ will cast a spell on our Casting Couch gallery!

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