Catherine Zeta-Jones: Best Stepmom Ever?

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kirk Douglas among those asking judge for leniency for Michael's troubled son

By Josh Grossberg Apr 06, 2010 10:05 PMTags
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron DouglasAstrid Stawiarz/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

He might not have much going for him, what with those drug charges and federal prison time staring at him, but Cameron Douglas does have friends in high places.

Notably a family full of Oscar winners.

His "Pappy," Kirk Douglas, and stepmom, Catherine-Zeta Jones, have put pen to paper in an attempt to convince a judge to go easy on the 31-year-old spawn of Michael Douglas, who is facing a minimum 10-year prison term at his April 27 sentencing.

Here are some highlights from the mailbag:

  • "I remember when he played a part in the movie [2003's It Runs in the Family] with me and Michael. He was a natural. We were so proud," writes Kirk Douglas in a note to Judge Richard Berman. "Of course, as his grandfather—by the way he calls me Pappy (never grandpa)—I am prejudiced. I was shocked when he got in such a mess...I am convinced that Cameron could be a fine actor and a person that cares for others. I hope I can see that happen before I die. I love Cameron."
  • "My stepson is a caring, considerate, worthy human being, but nevertheless, the disease that for years he has tried to combat, did take over again," Zeta-Jones writes in longhand, adding that Cameron is a fantastic stepbrother to the two young children she shares with her Wall Street hubby. "What is wrong is wrong, but may all these positive attributes prevail, so that a facility that he is positioned in will help rehabilitate him."
  • "Cameron's arrest has brought all of us life lessons, most of all Cameron. As painful as it is for a mother to have to watch her son go through an ordeal such as this one...for the first time in my life I see my son enthusiastic about his life," adds his mom and Michael's first wife, Diandra Douglas.
  • "I know in the bottom of my heart that he can become a valuable, responsible productive person in society," offered family friend and Miami Heat coach Pat Riley. "Cameron is not a criminal. His criminal behaviour cannot be tolerated and should bear consequences. I ask for mercy, Judge. can we please save this 'ONE.' "


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