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Now that Miley Cyrus is ditching her Hannah Montana roots to become a serious actress, we just had to know what she thought about young actresses playing roles that are seen as, uh, more adult. You know, just like Dakota Fanning and K.Stew's dabbling in sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll in The Runaways.

So will we see the babe playing more risqué parts in the future?

Oh, yeah.

We gabbed with Missy Miley last week at her Last Song premiere, where she wore her latest hunk-muffin BF, Liam Hemsworth, as her muscle-accoutrement.

At the ArcLight in Hollywood, the teen couldn't have been more Hollywood, hair pulled back and all grown-up for her years. We asked M.C. how she felt about the controversy about her and actors like Stewart sometimes being accused of acting too adult on camera.

She responded:

"I think that if you find a script you like and that inspires you," Miley said most astutely, "you should do it and not care what anyone else thinks. And that's what acting is too. It's just scripts that you genuinely enjoy."

Love it! Spoken like a young gal who knows her way around a stripper pole, I mean, ice-cream pole!

Can't say we're surprised Miles would be willing to get a bit naughty onscreen—the girl is no stranger to controversy in real life, whether it's for her addiction to sultry gyrating, booty shorts or Megan Fox-like sound bites.

And if the supersexy, skintight leather dress she rocked at the premiere is any indication, M.C. is more than happy to keep people talking.

Also, can we just say again how much we totally heart Miley?

While her PR people were trying to run her down the red carpet and ditch the waiting reporters, the always gracious Miles was quick to tell her peeps off and come chat with us.

And people say she's a diva. Yeah, our kind of diva!


Miley looked great walking the red carpet, but doesn't she always. Check it out in our Fashion Spotlight: Miley Cyrus gallery.

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