Josh Duhamel, Fan Boy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Nickelodeon

Dear Michael Bay,

Can you please make shooting Transformers more fun? Ya see, one of your stars, Josh Duhamel, admits he has a lot more fun working on Fanboy & Chum Chum than your blockbuster action franchise...

For those not familiar with Fanboy, it's an animated series on Nickelodeon about two friends obsessed with comic books and all things fantasy. Duhamel stars as a comic-book collector called the Oz.

"I have more fun doing this than anything I have ever done," Duhamel said yesterday at Nickelodeon's Upfront presentation in Hollywood. "Don't tell anybody else that's ever employed me, but it's true."

If Duhamel's Oz voice sounds a li'l familiar, it's because inspiration comes from a couple of other Hollywood projects. "I think I got that from a mix between...Jim Carrey's character in The Cable Guy—he had that lisp," he said. "And then I stole something from The Simpsons."

Fanboy & Chum Chum may not be Shakespeare, but Duhamel cracked, "I never had the chance to play something dramatic—something that would finally make Hollywood stand up and take notice of my skills."


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