Corey Haim Hoped to Get Clean for Second Reality Show

Late actor wanted to star in a docu-series chronicling his strugges to stay sober and his dreams breaking into the music biz

By Marc Malkin, Dahvi Shira Mar 17, 2010 1:22 AMTags
Corey HaimMichael Bezjian/Getty Images

The Two Coreys wasn't the end of Corey Haim's foray into reality television.

The late actor had actually tried to develop Lost Boy Found, a series that would chronicle his struggle to stay clean while pursuing a career in music. TV producer Jim Katz tells us that he and Haim teamed up about a year ago on the project...

"This project wasn't about exploiting him or showing him stoned," Katz told us earlier today. "This was about his decision to clean himself up."  

Haim had been hoping to one day go on the road with musician Gerard "G Tom Mac" McMahon, an old pal of his who worked on some of the music for The Lost Boys. "What people don't know is that Corey actually had an amazing singing voice," Katz said.

In a January 2009 interview with blogtalkradio.com, Haim said of the project, "It's not just about getting well, it's about staying well."

Katz wasn't able to sell the series, and had not seen Haim since filming ended a year ago.

"He was a charming little kid," Katz remembered. "I call him a little kid, because he was like a sweet little kid with so much love."


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