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It's Grammy time again, folks, and this year we're happy to report Rihanna will be in attendance at the awards show, rather than in admittance to the hospital like she was last year.

Thankfully, Ri-Ri has moved on from that hideous woman-attacker Chris Brown, and despite the fact the pop princess claims she's single, we can swear she's still very much dating muscle-tat man Dodger Matt Kemp.

However, E! can also confirm that her new boy will not be attending the Grammy Awards with her on Sunday.

Yikes, trouble in paradise already?

A source close to the couple tells E! News that Kemp isn't exactly thrilled about the amount of media attention he has gotten since the two started dating.

According to our lovebird insider, Matt is upset given "the negative publicity he's received over the last couple weeks."

Geez, so Matt is making Ri-Ri dateless just because he's nervous of a few flashbulbs? Lame! But somehow we think Rihanna is totally cool with flying stag.

As for their blossoming relaysh, our source says it's still so on.

"They are very much together and their relationship is unfazed by recent events."

The negative attention and "recent events" our PC insider is referring to are the reporting on Kemp's history with his ex-girlfriend and media outlets comparing him to Chris Brown.

Our source 'fesses Kemp probably would have been happy to accompany Rihanna to the Grammys if "this other nonsense" had not happened.

"He wouldn't want to take anything away from her having a perfect evening."

Just yesterday, Rihanna confirmed to the Valentine in the Morning show that she would fly solo to the show. "I'm going to the Grammys alone, as always," said Rihanna, and then added, "I'm still single, if that's what you really want to ask!"

The new couple is set to rendezvous next weekend in Miami for the Super Bowl, but we have a feeling they'll be squeezing in a few love seshes before then. Hopefully Kemp can get some media training in the meantime.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder


For more on Rihanna’s life one year after Chris Brown, be sure to tune into E! News tonight at 7 and 11:30.

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