Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas

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It's safe to say we've found the black sheep of the Douglas family.

It's not Michael, Kirk or even Catherine.

No, the acting dynasty's odd man out is Michael's eldest son, Cameron Douglas, who this morning pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute drugs and heroin possession as part of a plea deal which nevertheless guarantees a minimum—minimum—10-year prison term.

The 31-year-old admitted to selling large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine prior to his arrest last year, which was preceded by a three-year investigation by the DEA.

"I began supplying on a regular basis," Douglas said in court.

In addition to the conspiracy charge, he also fessed up to possessing heroin. That count came about after his girlfriend was caught trying to smuggle the drug to him via an electric toothbrush while he was under house arrest last summer.

A criminal mastermind he isn't.

"Yes, your honor," he told the judge when asked if he knew what he was doing was wrong.

As for what his famous father feels about his possible life sentence, Michael opened up to the AARP earlier this month.

"It's been very painful," he said, going on to acknowledge that he wasn't exactly a rock-solid presence in his son's life growing up.

"I'll assume whatever responsibilities I have to. Would it have been better to have been around more? Absolutely. There were absences, and I was no angel.

"Cameron has a lot of his life ahead," he says. "He now recognizes his own demons and struggles."

As details of Cameron's plea bargain with prosecutors have not been disclosed, it's unclear whether he will be held to the usual decade-minimum incarceration, though he's set to be formally sentenced on April 27.


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