Josh Duhamel

Is Josh Duhamel anything like the accident-prone former football star he plays in the about-to-be-released romantic comedy When in Rome?

Or is he more in tune with Major Lennox in the Transformers movie franchise?

We'd like to think the answer is the sweaty muscled robot-fighter, but...

"I would say I'm definitely more in line with something like When in Rome than shooting giant robots," Duhamel says.

Asked if he has a tendency to walk into things—like stop signs—as he does so often in the flick, Duhamel laughs, "Unlike the character in the movie, I do have my peripheral vision, but, yeah, it's a problem most of the time."

In the flick, he plays a reporter who falls in love with a museum curator played by Kristen Bell. "Something like [Rome] is more fun to work on," Duhamel says. "It's more about trying to find the funny in it rather than trying to imagine fighting some fake robot thing."

And it sure sounded fun for Bell.

"I won't lie—it's pretty good," she says of kissing her costar. "He is dreamy."

But, she adds, "You shouldn't be intimidated because he's a big old goofball and he's such a gentleman."


Find out what else Bell had to say about dreamy Duhamel over at The Awful Truth.

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