Miley Cyrus

Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Is it any surprise that rumors were recently flying about Miley Cyrus starring in the movie adaptation of the hit Broadway hair-band musical Rock of Ages?

She's not only seen the show, but she reportedly loved it so much, she visited with the stars backstage. Not long after, the cast performed at her '80s-themed 17th birthday party in NYC.

And the movie's director is none other than...

...Hairspray director Adam Shankman, who happens to be a producer of Ms. Miley's upcoming flick, The Last Song.

But Miley and Rock ain't happening, people. At least not right now.

"It's way too soon," Shankman told me at yesterday's Dizzy Feet Foundation event about casting Cyrus (or anyone for that matter). "I love it, though. She went to see the show and she loved it and then I had to email her and say, 'I hear you're starring in my movie. Fantastic! Congratulations!' It was just so crazy. She saw the show and that was all."

Cyrus' rep has also denied she's attached to the project. The Last Song is set to be released next April. She also has a cameo in the upcoming sequel to the Sex and the City movie.


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