At this point, there's almost nothing we don't already know about Jon and Kate Gosselin.

He likes Ed Hardy, ticking every box off the midlife crisis checklist and demanding privacy from the paparazzi, unless of course they want to patronize his lemonade stand or capture him bringing flowers to his ex-wife. His dislikes include spell-check and Nancy Grace.

She, on the other hand, enjoys employing ghost writers to pen cookbooks on organic food, berating her personality-challenged husband and recouping hundreds of thousands of dollars that were rightfully hers to begin with. She's not such a fan of anything less than industrial-strength pomade.

This much we know.

But TLC is reminding us of a few other Gosselin truths that have gotten lost along the way in the torn-apart family's reality swan song, as Jon & Kate Plus 8 comes to its confessional- and montage-filled series end tonight.

Like, no matter how heinous you think their parents are—and at this point it is just a matter of degrees—those Plus 8 are downright adorable (and, lest we forget, the reason viewers flocked in the first place).

And TLC is taking full advantage of the (for now) unspoiled cuteness, airing some of the kids' best bits right alongside their parents' worst as all five seasons come to a close.

"It's very,'s sad, it's cut short," Kate says of the show's more or less legally forced finale. "It's too soon."

No offense, Kate, but we think we speak for everyone when we say, speak for yourself.

"It's been a great run. I'm very grateful."

As is, thanks to those residuals if not those lawsuits, TLC.

So watch the rest of the sneak peeks below and tell us, what will you miss most about this show?

Jon and Kate Bow Out
What will you miss most about the show?


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