Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and New Moon Cast Talk Vampire Burnout

Stephenie Meyer admits she needs a break from bloodsuckers. Are the stars of the Twilight saga feeling the same way, too?!

By Marc Malkin Nov 18, 2009 4:34 AMTags

Stephenie Meyer revealed during her recent visit to Oprah that she doesn't know if there will be a fifth Twilight book because she's "a little burned out on vampires right now."

So it got us thinking: If she's suffering from bloodsucker fatigue, could others be feeling it, too?

Is Robert Pattinson jonesing for a break from vampires? What about Kristen Stewart? We asked and they answered.

Read on to find out what they and many of their costars told us at last night's New Moon premiere...

Pattinson insists he's not itching for a timeout from Edward Cullen & Co., even though he's taking one. "I'm doing a bunch of different things next year, so technically I am taking a break from vampires," he said.

Besides, Pattz said, "I never felt like I was playing a vampire in the first place."

Stewart agreed. "This is so not a vampire movie for me," she insisted. "I feel like Edward is so not a vampire. I don't feel like I'm playing with a vampire at all."

Jackson Rathbone said he's able to put his neck-biting life aside for other things. "I am not all vampire all the time," he said, laughing. "I'm actually in a band, 100 Monkeys, and I just produced my first film this year, called Girlfriend."

Kellan Lutz, however, can't get enough of his vampireness. "Never," Lutz said when asked if he's ever felt like it was too much. "I love vampires. They're sexy and mysterious. I love being Emmett. I really do love it. I'm glad there are four books, and hopefully we will get to make the fourth one."

Edi Gathegi said he spent just the right amount of time playing Laurent.

"If I played a character every day that was a vampire, I'd probably be over it," Gathegi said. "But I didn't work for that long. My character isn't in it much."

Still, that doesn't mean he's up for more fang-filled work. "I want to break out of that," Gathegi said.

But it looks like the vampire fatigue thing is a problem reserved for writers.

"I love vampires," said Melissa Rosenberg, who has written the scripts for all three Twilight flicks, "but I think the Twilight series will probably fulfill my vampire lust."

She hopes to cap it all off with—you guessed it—Breaking Dawn. "I can't talk about it," she said when asked if there was any good news to share about the possibility of a fourth movie. "It would be an honor to do it. I love working in this world and these characters. You want to see them continue."

Now, we wanna hear from you. Can't get enough of vampires? Or is it time to give it all a rest? Leave your comments below.


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