Comedy is all about timing. Unfortunately, Brüno's stank.

Days after Michael Jackson's June 25 death—just two weeks before Sacha Baron Cohen's raunchfest was set to premiere—filmmakers scrambled to remove a scene that could have been deemed distasteful, even by their standards. The flamboyant Austrian fashion plate lured La Toya Jackson to a Hollywood home, sat her on a Mexican laborer, made her eat sushi off the nude body of another, shanghaied her BlackBerry and read out Michael's number, all after asking her to impersonate him.

But what a difference four months makes.

Now, like Edward and Bella or Suri Cruise and seasonally inappropriate garb, Brüno and La Toya are once again back together, with the cut scene restored for the film's forthcoming home video release. But not before resurfacing exclusively right here!

Though if it all seems a little familiar, there's a good reason for that...

The footage, which lasts all of 90 seconds, includes La Toya halting the interview shortly after her cell phone abduction. (La Toya was brought in to replace the previous star storm-out, Paula Abdul).

"La Toya, come back!" Brüno screams. "Can you at least get me Jermaine?"

Eagle-eyed viewers will no doubt notice that the scene—well, everything before the storm-out—is more or less a carbon copy of Abdul's Brüno experience, but it seems third time was the charm for this particular setup.

Another similarly plotted deleted interview, this time with Pete Rose, was also released this week.

All the cut footage, along with an hour of other deleted and extended scenes, will be featured on both the Blu-ray ($40) and DVD ($30) versions  released Nov. 17.


Speaking of great videos, did you hear Rihanna break her silence on Chris Brown? Watch it now.

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