Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr

Fame Pictures

It's been a bit chilly the last few days in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean Orlando Bloom's girlfriend Miranda Kerr has been wearing layers.

In fact, she left the house the other night without any underwear on.

How do we know? Read on to find out...

One of our eagle-eyed sources spotted Bloom, 32, and his Victoria's Secret model ladylove, 26, earlier this week enjoying an evening stroll down a Los Angeles street.

"They're both laughing and looking they're having a good time," our source tells us. "Then Miranda takes a few quick steps ahead of Orlando and pulls her skirt up to her waist…and flashes her ass."

And the bare buttocks show didn't stop there.

"She flashes him and then starts doing a little catwalk move while Orlando nearly doubles over laughing," our source says. "She takes a good 10 to 15 steps with her skirt pulled up, ass totally out, doing her model walk with him following."

What happened next, we'll have to leave to your imagination. "As they got past the well-lit corner of the street," the source says, "they disappeared into the shadows."

Our horndog source was impressed. He gushes, "It was definitely pretty cool."


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