Who wouldn't want to meet up with Robert Pattinson at the time of year when the day splits into equal amounts of darkness and light?

The video for the lead single off the New Moon soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox," starts with the band performing in what looks like Bella Swan's house in Forks; progresses to the scene in which Edward Cullen emerges from the shadows to tell Bella he can't see her ever again; and smartly continues to lay it on thick with clips from the film.

As Ben Gibbard intones that "everything, everything ends," the trailer-reminiscent video follows Bella as she deals, in a largely hallucinatory manner, with the heartache.

Minus the strong arm that saves her from drowning, the video is entirely Taylor-free, choosing to focus instead on The Love Story.

And we're gonna have to say...we're OK with that.


The video was nice, but you can get way more glimpses of the film in our New Moon Rising gallery.

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