Some of you readers think Channing Tatum's too-perfect bod could never be that of a straight dude (it's hard to believe hetero's are that disciplined), but Channing's wife, Jenna Dewan, likes him just as his is.

Can ya blame her?

When Channing's, er...Chan Crawford as he used to call himself, strip video surfaced, it not only showcased his rock-hard abs and ass, but also some stripper moves Miley Cyrus could only dream of busting out one day. In case you are one of the few people who haven't seen it, check out Chippendale Tatum in all his glory above.

We caught up with his adorable wife this week and had to ask her about her reaction to Channing's grindin' past.

And she loves it!

We assume you saw your new husband's strip video that made its Web rounds a while back?
Oh yes...

You're unfortunately stuck with him now. Hopefully you found it hot?
[laughing] Oh, of course! I was proud of that 

Who wouldn't want to go to bed every night with that body?
When I saw it, I was like, "That's my husband! And that's all mine."

Jenna was supersweet as we chatted with her, and thankfully she had a sense of humor 'bout her hubby's previous way of life. Although the two are happy as can be, J's already 'fessed to Marc Malkin that they are in no rush to have kids. So will the onscreen, offscreen couple be the anti-Brangelina and collaborate on camera again?

"We'd love to do another film together," J piped. "Just the right one and the right time."

Any genre in particular?

"We were both writing musicals together at one point. Maybe that will come true again!"

A guy who loves musicals, dancing and flaunting? Who's straight? Jenna-hon, you've found the husband jackpot—make sure this one's for keeps. Although, if the two have already survived Channing starring in a film with man-muncher Sienna Miller and he hasn't strayed yet, we think these two just might be a Hollywood couple that'll make it after all.


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