House of Horror Survivor Jordan Turpin Debuts New Romance With Boyfriend Matt Ryan

House of Horror subject Jordan Turpin—who escaped her parents' abusive home in 2018—shared that she's in a relationship with boyfriend Matt Ryan.

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Jordan Turpin has found a happily ever after.

Jordan—who escaped from her parents' "House of Horror" in 2018—has hit a new milestone in her personal life: She's in a relationship.

The 23-year-old debuted her romance with boyfriend Matt Ryan by posting a sweet selfie on their joint Instagram page April 14, confirming a few days later that the pair are, in fact, official when the 24-year-old photographer joined her for a makeup tutorial video.

"My bf guessing where my makeup products go on my face. Hope you guys enjoy," Jordan wrote on Instagram April 16, adding to her fans, "Thank yall for all the love and support you giving us in the last 24 hours."

And Jordan is clearly feeling the love from her "babe" most of all, gushing that Matt "did a really good job" guessing the types of makeup products she was using in the clip.

"He went with me to get my hair done yesterday and it was just so sweet," she added, "because he, like, stayed the whole time."

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When one fan commented that the duo are "so cute," Jordan replied, "Aw thank you so much."

Now that the couple are official, they are focusing on "finding joy in the little things," as they put it in their Instagram bio.


Back in 2018, Jordan made headlines for her bravery when she snuck out of parents David and Louise Turpin's home in Perris, Calif., and walked outside for the first time in her 17 years of life. The teen used a cellphone she had taken from the house to call 911, leading police to find her brothers and sisters imprisoned in dire conditions inside the house, according to NBC News.

Authorities discovered some of her 12 siblings were bound with chains and padlocks, while others were starving, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department told the outlet.

@jordan_turpin My bf guessing where my makeup products go on my face. Go follow are instagram account, jordanmattvibes. Hope you guys enjoy. #makeup #couple #game #fyp??viral ? original sound - Jordan Turpin

The following year, her parents pled guilty to 14 counts each of torture, dependent adult abuse, child endangerment and false imprisonment—and were sentenced to life in prison in April 2019, according to NBC News.

Jordan and her eldest sister Jennifer Turpin told their story on the 2021 ABC special Escape from a House of Horror, in which Jordan shared that secretly watching Justin Bieber music videos as a kid inspired her to want to escape to the outside world.

"Watching him, that made me learn fast, smarter, because I started paying attention," she said. "I started realizing that there is a different world out there. I only knew one world and that was like always being there. I was always like, 'I want to be out there. I want to be like that being free, not being trapped.'"


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