Why You Should Avoid Moisturizers With Sunscreen, According to Khloe Kardashian's Aesthetic Nurse

Stocking up on sunscreen for summer? Khloe Kardashian's aesthetic nurse Lilia Serobian shared the reason you should ditch moisturizers that double as SPF in an exclusive E! News interview.

By Leah Degrazia Apr 06, 2024 1:00 PMTags
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Lilia Serobian is pushing back on a popular skincare trend. 

The aesthetic nurse—who is working with Khloe Kardashian to treat her melanoma scarring—shared why she's not a fan of using moisturizers that double as a sunscreen.

"Sunscreen, no matter what, is the No. 1 needed product for everybody," Lilia exclusively told E! News. "Of course, moisturizer is important, too. But I actually like to use them separately because moisturizer with sunscreen is good on a daily basis if you want to do it. But in general, it is better to do separate."

As for what makes a moisturizer-sunscreen combo less effective? The 7QSpa co-founder explained that it's because "the ingredients level can be a little bit lighter in moisturizers with sunscreen."

"Of course, it's good for people to use any [SPF]," Lilia noted, "but for long-term to be outside, it won't be enough of a protected layer. So, sunscreen to have separate is always better."

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As for what sunscreens Lilia recommends as the weather gets warmer? She noted the clients at her spa are fans of Elta MD's UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF, which also comes in a tinted version for those looking to even their skin tone while protecting themselves from harsh rays. 

"People try it and people like it because it's not heavy on the skin," Lilia shared. "It penetrates very nice and has longtime protection."

Photo is courtesy of 7QSpa

And when it comes to Khloe's skin, Lilia began working with the Kardashians star a little over a year ago to help improve her surgical scarring after she removed a melanoma tumor on her face in 2022. However, the aesthetic nurse shared that the process is now in the "maintenance phase."

"It's a very personalized treatment," Lilia said. "Because hers is not just a regular scar. Because of the cancer, the tumor, they removed the deep tissue, too. So, it kind of created indentation."

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage / Nadezhda Nazarova

Lilia went on to detail that she uses "a combination of different techniques" on the Good American founder, including micro-needling with exosomes and filler "to create symmetry" between her two cheeks. 

"Last time we saw her was a month or month-and-a-half ago to maintain the look," Lilia continued. "Her skin, overall, looks beautiful. She is beautiful inside-out."

And though Khloe's treatment is catered specifically to her, Lilia also had more general tips for those experiencing "various types of scarring," including a treatment she and 7QSpa medical director Dr. James Kojian offer at their laser and aesthetics center

"We have a Fotona laser treatment," Lilia explained. "Fotona laser has different hand pieces that can do skin resurfacing, skin tightening and rejuvenation. So, we can combine [those] to help with the scars and help with stretch marks."