Where Sophia Bush Thinks Her One Tree Hill Character Brooke Davis Is Today

Nearly 12 years after One Tree Hill's series finale aired, actress Sophia Bush—who portrayed Brooke Davis—shared her thoughts on a potential reboot and where her character is now.

By Jess Cohen Jan 27, 2024 7:00 PMTags
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President Brooke Davis? Sophia Bush is here for it.

Though it's been nearly 12 years since the actress said goodbye to her beloved One Tree Hill character, Sophia does have an idea of where Brooke is today.

"I always joke that I think Brooke Davis running for class president really changed the whole trajectory of her life," Sophia, referencing her character's storyline, told E! News' Francesca Amiker at the Junction film premiere Jan. 24. "I'd like to see her in elected office, I'd really like to see her delivering an impassioned rant about what people deserve, I think that would really be up her alley."

Since One Tree Hill aired its final episode in April 2012, the cast has delighted fans with several reunions. In fact, Sophia recently worked with OTH's Bryan Greenberg on Junction and even cohosts the Drama Queens podcast with costars Bethany Joy Lenz and Hilarie Burton.

So, does this mean there's still a possibility of a One Tree Hill reboot in the near future?

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"Everybody wants to know," Sophia told E!. "I think for a long time our answer on that was a firm 'no.' We were really ready to put it to bed."

However, as she noted, doing the podcast with her costars has brought them joy—and changed their outlook on a reboot from "never to never say never."

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"I don't have an answer for you," she teased, "but things change over time."

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As we wait for any additional One Tree Hill updates, don't miss the cast's 2023 reunion photos below...

Junction is in theaters and on demand now.

Daphne Zuniga, Austin Nichols, Danneel Ackles, Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, Bevin Prince & Michael Trucco

Matt Barr, Hilarie Burton, Kevin Kilner, Bevin Prince, Michael Trucco, Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush, Daphne Zuniga, Danneel Ackles & Stephen Colletti

Danneel Ackles, Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush & Bevin Prince

Hilarie Burton, Sammy Rosenman, Danneel Ackles, Michael Trucco, Matt Barr, Bevin Prince, Sophia Bush & Kevin Kilner

Matt Barr, Michael Trucco, Sophia Bush & Hilarie Burton

Matt Barr & Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton & Sophia Bush

Hilarie Burton, Kevin Kilner & Moira Kelly

Matt Barr, Hilarie Burton, Kevin Kilner, Bevin Prince, Michael Trucco, Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush, Daphne Zuniga, Danneel Ackles, Stephen Colletti

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