Jamie Chung Shares Insight Into Family Life With Bryan Greenberg and Their Twin Boys

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Jamie Chung also shared what it's really like working with husband Bryan Greenberg.

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Watch: Jamie Chung Talks Motherhood With Twin Sons

When you become a parent, you see things in a whole new way. 

It's certainly the case for Jamie Chung and husband Bryan Greenberg, who welcomed twin boys last October. As their sons continue to reach new milestones, both Mom and Dad are focused on keeping their kids protected from life's unexpected surprises.

"I have young kids who are just starting to crawl around the house," Jamie exclusively shared with E! News. "There are so many things that I didn't know before becoming a new mother that I needed to know in order to keep my kids safe."

So, Jamie joined forces with Duracell to launch the Duracell Power Safely Check, a collection of new educational resources for caregivers to learn about battery safety.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, the 39-year-old offered a rare look inside her new reality as a mom and explained why she has new perspective on home safety.

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Keep reading for a peek inside the actress' life as a mom to two boys who she describes as totally "different" from each other.


E! News: What's the No 1 lesson motherhood has taught you? 

Jamie Chung: It's okay to lean on people for help and support, whether that's your friends who also have kids, whether it's your parents, your family, your in-laws, everyone. If they're offering help and you need it, take it. 

E!: What's one thing somebody did for you as a new mom that you wish more people would do?

JC: Sharing a safety list of things you need to do to baby proof your house. Sharing a list of items they found really helpful is great too because in the baby market, they try to sell you everything and there's certain things you really don't need. But there are certain things that are amazing, and you're like, "Yes! Thank you so much for telling me about this."

E!: Are your twin boys similar in temperament or do they have different personalities coming out?

JC: They're very different and I think that all the temperaments will start changing as well. Like one of our boys, he's the explorer. He pays attention to everything and he's just moving and jiving. He's constantly moving around and playing and the other one is kind of like a wet noodle, doesn't really move a muscle, likes being carried everywhere.

E!: How is your dog adjusting to having to share Mom and Dad's attention?  

JC: He's become a lot more sweet to other people, which was a big surprise because he wants that attention, but he's been really patient. He's been super extra lovey dovey and now after eight months, he's realized, "Oh, these things aren't going away. So I guess I'll have to live with them."

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E!: You're starring in Junction, which is directed by your husband. What is your working relationship like?

JC: Working with Bryan as a director and actor relationship, he's phenomenal. I think he's a much better director than he is an actor, and he's a great actor. So that says a lot. He's gotten me some of my best jobs because he knows how to communicate with an actor. He knows how to deal with egos. And he's able to get a performance out of you that you never thought was capable. You want them to push your boundaries and you want them to lead you in a direction that helps drive the story, but helps make you a better actor. 


E!: What do you hope people get out of the Duracell Power Safely Check?

JC: We hope that we help spread awareness to other parents. We want to share that they should take the power safely check quiz online, which helps you locate all the items that use lithium coin batteries, the potential hazards if they were to be digested and what to do. There's also the new educational video that you can watch on the website. And again, spread the word. The more parents that know, the better.  

(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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