Why Ian Somerhalder Doesn't Miss Hollywood After Saying Goodbye to Acting

After Ian Somerhalder and his wife Nikki Reed left Hollywood to live on a farm, the Vampire Diaries alum exclusively shared with E! News why he doesn't miss acting one bit.

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Ian Somerhalder isn't thirsting to sink his teeth into another role.

In fact, the Vampire Diaries alum doesn't even miss acting after moving to a farm outside of Los Angeles with his wife Nikki Reed to concentrate on family—including their 6-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son—and reconnect with nature.

"I love what I did for a really long time," Ian told E! News at the Jan. 11 screening of Common Ground in partnership with Maker's Mark. "I love making films, I just did it for so long. We had an amazing run."

However, Ian does look back on set life fondly, describing it as a "community" and a "family."

"But this is our 2.0 version," he said, before turning to Nikki with a smile, "about to be 3.0 version."

In the couple's new dawn, Ian, 45, and Nikki, 35, are focused on creating a better future for the next generation. That's why they got involved as executive producers on Common Ground, a follow-up to the 2020 documentary Kiss the Ground about how the "regenerative agriculture" movement could help with the global food system and Earth's climate.

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"When you see the way that nature operates, you find compassion," Nikki told E! at the event. "It's a beautiful thing to see what's happening with children, to watch them participate in the growing of their food and the understanding of what food is and where it comes from."


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For the Twilight actress, she had her "a-ha chapter" in her early 20s. "I started connecting the dots between what you do for the planet and what you do for yourself," she said. "It's an evolution and a lifelong pursuit."

Nikki continued, "It's become a way of living so much simpler."

But like Ian, who she married in 2015, Nikki has fond memories of her silver screen projects, including her breakout role in the 2003's Thirteen


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"It's such a throwback, all the time," she admitted. "It's life-changing for a lot of us."

Ian added of the coming-of-age movie, "It's pretty much a cultural thing."

Common Ground is in select theaters now.

Keep reading to see Ian and Nikki's cutest moments together.

Nikki's First TikTok

Nikki and Ian pay tribute to their Twilight and Vampire Diaries characters in the actress' first TikTok, shared Jan. 18, 2024.

New Year's Eve 2023

The Vampire Diaries actor wrote on Instagram Dec. 31, "Yeahhhhhhh 2024!"

Giving "Gratitude"

The Lost actor praises his wife for helping him get "out of a terrible business situation" that left him in the hospital. "This woman here decided that she didn't want to see her husband ruin his body/mind/spirit and pulled up her bootstraps and got down in the trenches assembling a team to get to the negotiating table to find a way out," he shared. "She devoted her life to getting me out of that mess and it almost killed her along the way. I am where I am BECAUSE of this woman. Brothers Bond Bourbon is actually here today because of this woman. I was able to start my life over because of this woman."

Birthday Boy

In December 2020, Nikki shared a sweet birthday tribute to her husband, writing, "Happy Happy birthday to this man right here. The most creative, certifiably genius, deepest thinker of anyone I have ever known with the most giving spirit."

Rainforest Sips

Ian and wife Nikki celebrated spring (and being married four years) by sipping on bush chai in the rainforest in April 2019. 

Pure Bliss

The actor shared this romantic photo, along with a sweet caption about his lady love on their fourth wedding anniversary in 2019. "I'm completely blown away by you...," he began, adding, "Whether dancing at our wedding, swimming across the seas, cuddling one of our furry creatures, jumping on airplanes around the world, snapping beautiful photos or sitting hand and hand looking at the ocean with a beer: we do it all together. It's been nothing short of amazing to breathe the air of the bright blue sky all over this planet with you."

Defying Gravity

This duo's love is one that clearly defies the laws of physics.

Precious Peck

The lovebirds really like locking lips with each other!

Sweet Snuggles

In this throwback picture from 2015, the precious pair enjoyed some not-so-covert makeout time.

Cute Carry

In another flashback photo—this time from 2014—the Vampire Diaries actor whisked his wife right off her feet!

Romance in the Rain

During New York Fashion Week, the cute couple shared a sweet smooch in the rain.

Flawless Family

For Father's Day, the CW star threw it back to this adorable moment where he planted a peck on Nikki's growing baby bump.

Fun in the Sun

The two showed off their fit figures while out on the water in this photo. And clearly, they couldn't keep their hands off each other!

Crazy Kiss

The actress loves doing acrobatics and her hubby loves supporting her (literally!).

Polaroid Perfection

This precious photo was posted in honor of the couple's third anniversary and we can't get over the cuteness.

Valentine's Day View

Aw, how romantic. The lovebirds smooched under the setting sun on Valentine's Day.

Awards Show Smooch

Aren't these two so cute sharing a kiss at the Golden Globes?

Greener Pastures

The animal lovers look so cozy laying on the grass next to some beautiful horses in this snap.

Black-and-White Bliss

The couple loves their PDA.

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