Chad Michael Murray Responds to Accusation He Cheated on Erin Foster With Sophia Bush

Chad Michael Murray addressed ex-girlfriend Erin Foster's allegation that he cheated on her with his One Tree Hill costar Sophia Bush.

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Watch: Chad Michael Murray Responds to Cheating Allegations

Chad Michael Murray doesn't wanna be living in the past.

That's why the One Tree Hill alum blocked out recent internet chatter surrounding ex-girlfriend Erin Foster's allegation that he cheated on her with costar Sophia Bush during their early aughts romance.

"It's not one of those things that I want to go down the road of because there's just never a winner," Murray told E! News' Francesca Amiker in an exclusive interview. "I feel blessed to be where I am right now."

And that's his focus. "I live in the now, I live in the present, I live in the future," he continued. "Things have changed so dramatically for me since I was a young man that I just try to live in this space—always. So, I don't think you'll ever find me saying anything negative or hurtful about anybody. I never will. That's just not me. I'm not going to do it."

In fact, the 42-year-old—who dated Foster from 2001 to 2002, before going on to tie the knot with Bush in 2005—prefers not to get hung up on life's little details. 

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"I have more regrets in my life than I care to think about, but I don't live in the past," Murray said. "I try to move forward every single day and just go, 'I got air in my lung, life in my step, the will to move forward and the sun's gonna rise on a beautiful tomorrow.'"


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Last month, Foster accused Murray of cheating on her with Bush in a "pretty egregious way" back when they were dating. 

"While we were living together," the 41-year-old alleged on an episode of The World's First Podcast, before noting that she's "over it now."

Bush has not publicly addressed the allegation, though her and Murray's OTH costar Hilarie Burton did refute the claim. "As a person who had a front row seat then? This wasn't it," the actress wrote on Instagram Stories Oct. 20. "We were all told you'd been broken up which is why our guy was perusing [sic] her."

Ultimately, Murray's marriage with Bush did not work out and the couple separated just five months after their wedding. But he went on to find happiness with his Chosen costar Sarah Roemer, with whom he shares three kids.

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"Most people who know me know kids are my heart," he told E!. Which is why he partnered with physical security company LenelS2 and its "On The Safe Side" campaign to empower communities to have impactful conversations about school safety. 

"My wife and I actually had this conversation not too long ago," he shared. "We wanted to discuss to our kids what do you do in an emergency."

Acknowledging that it could be difficult topic for families to discuss, Murray said he hopes the campaign "brings education, life, love and gets us ready for something that is real."

"It's a scary conversation, but we don't want this to be something that brings fear," he added. "Kids have to worry about bigger issues now."

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