Gisele Bündchen Reflects on Importance of Kindness Amid "Silent Struggles"

Gisele Bündchen sent her social media followers a reminder to be kind as "everyone we meet has faced or is facing challenges in life that we know nothing about."

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Watch: Gisele Bündchen Reflects Amid "Silent Struggles"

Gisele Bündchen is sending an important reminder to fans. 

More than a year after her high-profile divorce from Tom Brady, the supermodel shared a poignant message about those going through private battles and the impact a small gesture of kindness can have.

"Everyone we meet has faced or is facing challenges in life that we know nothing about," she wrote in a Nov. 18 Instagram post. "We don't see the silent struggles, the fear, the obstacles, the heartbreaks, or their daily ups and downs… As we go about our daily routine, we may miss seeing someone needing a simple, kind word or gesture. I believe an act of kindness sparks more kindness, and this is what we most need in the world today."

Indeed, Gisele has experienced her share of private struggles—albeit in the public eye. In the months leading up to her and Tom's divorce, the former couple was plagued by rumors surrounding the state of their marriage. Ultimately, they quietly navigated their breakup after 13 years of marriage, announcing their intention to part ways and finalizing the split on the same day in Oct. 2022.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen: Romance Rewind

While Gisele admits her relationship with the former quarterback didn't work out as she had hoped, she is at peace with how things ended up.

"I look into my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way," the 43-year-old said during a September interview on CBS Sunday Morning. "I wouldn't have any other life. I wouldn't have done it if they said, ‘Can you change something in your life?' I wouldn't change absolutely anything."

And ultimately, Gisele noted she and Tom just grew apart.

"I think you have to accept sometimes that the way you are in your 20s, sometimes you grow together, sometimes you grow apart," the former runway star continued. "I mean, he's the father of my kids, so I always wish him the best. I'm so grateful that he gave me wonderful children. And I think when a door shuts, other doors open."

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Still, they continue to work together to co-parent their son Benjamin, 13, and daughter Vivian, 10. Tom also shares son Jack with ex Bridget Moynahan.

"You can choose to look at the glass half full or the glass half empty in your life—and that's for everything, for everything that you go through in your life," Gisele added. "And I had an incredible, many years, 16 years of so many lessons and so many wonderful memories, and I have the most beautiful children. They're the biggest loves of my life, and I'm so grateful for that. And I think, at the end of the day, it's like, imagine if this wouldn't have happened, I would have never had that." 

To see photos of their family from over the years, keep reading.

Happy Birthday, Jack

Gisele Bündchen shared this family photo on Instagram on Tom Brady's son Jack's 14th birthday, writing, "Happy birthday Jack! We are all so lucky to have you in our lives. Thank you for being the best big brother in the world. We love you soooo much!"

Celebrate Good Times

While wearing his Christopher Cloos x Brady sunglasses, Tom celebrates his Super Bowl win with daughter Vivian during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers boat parade. 

V for Victory

After winning his seventh Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay quarterback celebrated with his daughter Vivian.

Family Man

Tom snuggled with his kids John "Jack" Moynahan (with ex Bridget Moynahan), Vivian and Benjamin in this adorable photo snapped by Gisele on Father's Day.

Quarterback In Training

Brady went from quarterback to coach with his son on the beach, writing on Instagram that he's "#dadsfavoriteworkoutpartner."


Gisele shared this adorable photo on Instagram of Tom giving his son a kiss on the forehead.

The Whole Team

The whole Brady-bünch posed together at the Mercedes-Benz in Atlanta ahead of the Super Bowl LIII, which the Patriots later won.

Clowning Around

Tom lurked as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in a window behind his family as they celebrate Halloween in 2018.

Daddy's Little Girl

As Tom geared up for another football season, he stopped to give his daughter a little love and clearly this one has her dad's full attention.

Horsing Around

In July 2018, the Brady bunch headed out of town for a family vacation and they couldn't look any happier on their horseback riding adventure.


Tom celebrated Father's Day with a family dinner and lots of silly photos with his younger son, Ben. 

Group Hug

There's nothing sweeter than seeing the greatest quarterback of all time (he has seven Super Bowl rings) get smothered in love by his three kids.

Chill Dad

Even though it was springtime, Tom bundled up with Ben for a fun day outside...complete with a little training.

Some Bunny Loves You

Tom Brady as the Easter bunny? Who would've guessed?!


The super sweet family was all smiles during one of Brady's episodes of Tom vs. Time.

Chow Time

After playing in another Super Bowl, Tom took a little break with his family, complete with burger time and selfies.

Win Or Lose

Even though the Patriots lost the 2018 Super Bowl, Tom had his support squad ready and waiting to cheer him up.

Go Pats!

Ahead of Super Bowl LII, the Patriots QB posed for pictures with his whole family including Gisele and oldest son Jack, second-born Ben, and daughter Vivian.

Birthday Boy

The New England Patriots quarterback showed his second oldest son a little love on his birthday in December of 2017, writing, "Happy Birthday to the sweetest 8 year old boy a mom and dad could ever ask for! So filled with love and joy! We are so proud of you Benny! And you shine a light that brightens our lives every day! We love you."

Baking Buddy

Vivian was the ultimate sous chef as her dad made her biscuits before Thanksgiving and really, what can't Brady do?

Hammock Life

The dynamic duo of Tom and Ben spent a November day swinging in a hammock together and we really wish we had some R&R like this in our near future.

Wax On, Wax Off

Leave it to Tom to teach his son more than just football. 

Summer Fun

The Brady crew rolled around in the grass and enjoyed spending time together in June 2017 and it really does look like they are having a blast.

Silly Bradys

Who says you're too old to make funny faces?

Parade Pops

When the Patriots headed back to Boston for their parade celebration after their 2017 Super Bowl win, Tom brought Ben along for the ride making him the coolest dad around.

Brady's Littlest Fan

Winning the Super Bowl in 2017 was great, but getting to celebrate with your daughter on the field is priceless. 

Good Luck Kisses

In 2017, Vivian gave her dad a big good luck kiss before he headed out for a game. Seriously, these two are so stinking cute.

Fan Club

Tom's fans span near and far, but his biggest fans are his three kids and their "Brady" jerseys continually make us love them even more as a unit.

Tree Fairy

Decorating the Christmas tree is twice as fun when you have your precious daughter helping you out...especially when she's dressed as a fairy!

Vacation Mode

The football player loves to spend his off time with his adorable kiddos at the beach and we totally approve.

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