Angus Cloud’s Your Lucky Day Family Reflects on His “Calming Presence” 3 Months After His Death

Your Lucky Day director Daniel Brown and star Jessica Garza reflect on working alongside the "incredible" Angus Cloud just months before his sudden passing.

By Kisha Forde Nov 10, 2023 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Your Lucky Day’ Cast Remembers Angus Cloud

Daniel Brown and Jessica Garza consider themselves lucky to have worked with Angus Cloud.
Prior to the Euphoria star’s sudden passing in July, he filmed what would be one of his final onscreen roles in the thriller Your Lucky Day, where he stars as a robber who tries to snag a winning lottery ticket while in a bodega, turning it into a deadly hostage situation.

And for Jessica, working alongside the 25-year-old was nothing short of an "honor."

"He was so thoughtful and vulnerable, and his eyes always told a million stories," she told E! News' Francesca Amiker. "He didn't have to say much or do much or move much, there was just something about his eyes, told you everything you needed to know."

And that made acting opposite him a mesmerizing experience for the Purge actress.

"Acting is a give and take and he had so much to give," Jessica continued, "just with a look, just with a gaze into your eyes. It was a gift as a fellow actor and I'm so thankful I got to work with him."

Euphoria's Angus Cloud: A Life in Pictures

But beyond his work in front of the camera, the North Hollywood actor's presence was everywhere on set.
"He was getting to know everyone, from Dan the top dog, the director on set, to me, to hair and makeup, to costumes to caterers, everyone from all sides of the spectrum," Jessica recalled, "He made sure that they were comfortable, that they were having a good time and that is something you don't find very often on a set. We were very lucky."
And Daniel, Your Lucky Day's writer and director, couldn't agree more.

"I think he was just an incredible human being and we were just incredibly lucky to have him," he shared, "and I remember feeling that sense of like, ‘Oh he could bring something really extra to this movie and to this part,' and give it more reality than I think any other person could have."
In fact, Angus brought an easygoing demeanor that ultimately served as a steadying force throughout the shoot.
"Him on set was just this wonderfully calming presence," Daniel explained, "and you're working these late nights and he was just so chill about everything. It was an intense shoot and we're moving quick, but he just there to smile and be like, ‘Don't worry.'"
And that calming effect went a long way.

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"If you have someone like that cheering the production crew on, it changes the dynamic on set," Daniel noted. "I saw him developing a friendship with the caterer and then some point, he helped him make a YouTube video—that felt like such an Angus kind of thing."
Noting that as the star of Your Lucky Day, Angus was "part of everything," the director added of the YouTube video, "It just felt like such a personification of how much he cared about everybody he was on set with. He was just a wonderful human being."
Simply put, the Line actor was the "kind of person you would hope to be."

And Daniel hoped that working on Your Lucky Day would be a memory he and Angus could share as the star's career took off.
"I had imagined he would do this movie and I would see him in more movies," he shared. "So, for the center of this is not the start of more for him is just devastating."
In addition to reflecting on the legacy of the late star, the film's writer also opened up about the inspiration behind making Your Lucky Day, noting that the concept came to him amid an otherwise ordinary day.

"It was really just being in line at the grocery store and watching someone by a lottery ticket and wondering what it would be like if they won," Daniel reflected. "That's where it started from, and then my love of the contained thriller, where everyone's stuck in a room, and you have argue about it—those elements combined together to make an idea."
Your Lucky Day debuts in theaters Nov. 10 and on VOD Nov. 14 from Well Go USA.

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